Thursday, October 22, 2009


Finally I have my room in a real house, haaaaaaaaaa..... And I'm also proud of the keyring I bought for a pound near the university. Its name is Tristan, I suppose it's quite old because nobody bothers anymore to put iron soul in plastic toys. nice :)

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  1. Hey Matteo, just discovered your blog and your website.

    Love your work - you've obviously had quite a lot of experience in design and you have a really distinctive playful style. Very talented!! Also, really like the presentation you guys did today. I said to Joe earlier, I can see those terminals actually being made and used in the city today. Great idea.

    A friend of a friend works for a Preston based company called Hicalorie - They do illustrations/prints/toys/clothing and your work reminded me of their stuff. Might be worth a look!